Dave Prentis - support the 10 July strike

Timetable for our ballot and strike action

worthit23 May: ballot papers start to be posted out to members. Ballot materials will include a letter from the General Secretary explaining the reasons for the dispute.

29 May: UNISONdirect ballot helpline opens for members who have not received a ballot paper.

18 June 12pm: ballot helpline closes.

23 June 10am: ballot closes and results announced later that day.

10 July: if members vote 'Yes', the first one-day strike as part of a programme of strike action.

Early September (once the schools have all returned): If the employers do not restart negotiations after 10 July UNISON, GMB and Unite intend to escalate our action. We will be looking to hold two consecutive days of action in September.

Call to action for 10 July strike

strike day 2014Dave Prentis has delivered a strong call to action to UNISON activists to make sure next week's local government and school support staff strike is successful. Dave Prentis admitted that taking strike action is "not easy for members or the union" but added: "UNISON members - along with GMB and Unite - have decided that 'enough is enough' and that strike action is necessary to make the employers see sense."

Activists - call to action Using social media for #J10strike 
Share your stories: tell us why you're striking

General secretary's blog

 The evidence for action keeps on coming


Why Members should Vote Yes

UNISON YouTube Video on Reasons for the Ballot.

This 1minute 28 second video gives a brief account of why members are being balloted and why they should vote YES to industrial action.

10 July: Let's make it a huge success

strike day 2014Hundreds of thousands of UNISON members delivering vital local government and education services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be on strike on Thursday 10 July, demanding that employers get back to the negotiating table and deliver fair pay.

They will be joined by colleagues in GMB and Unite. Other public service workers in unions including the FBU, PCS and NUT will be also taking action on the day in their own disputes.

The whole of UNISON needs to pull out as many stops as possible to make sure the action is a success; one that brings the employers back to the negotiating table and delivers a decent pay rise for our members.

As general secretary Dave Prentis noted: "It's the strength of turnout that will make the strike successful.

"Taking strike action is not an easy decision for members or this union. We prefer to do what we do best - provide quality services for the public.

"But UNISON members - along with GMB and Unite - have decided that 'enough is enough' and that strike action is necessary to make the employers see sense.

"We need you as stewards and reps who are in daily contact with members to work with us to get the maximum possible turnout."

Activists' call to action from general secretary Dave Prentis

Five reasons to support the strike

Five ways to get involved on 10 July

Using social media for #J10

Members FAQs NJC Pay 2014

Read the full document below.

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NJC Pay Bulletin 35 (2014

Read the full document below.

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NJC pay ballot: Everyone Out(side) on Wednesday

(England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

pay14Local government members and branches are being urged to take part in a day of protest on Wednesday 21 May - ahead of the industrial action ballot opening on Friday.

The protest also takes place the eve of of he eve of the local and European elections.

UNISON is asking branches to assemble as many members as possible outside their workplaces during the lunch break for a short protest and tell the public why we are balloting.

It is an opportunity to send a strong message to the employers and our own members and non-members that we are serious about winning a better pay deal for everyone.

We will be tweeting about the day of protest on the day – look out for our special graphic.

Follow the twitter campaign at  https://twitter.com/LocalGovPay

We know that you will all be busy in the lead up to the local elections, but we are asking all branches to carry out at least two simple tasks on the day.

Get members and activists talking:

  • to their workmates about the ballot and urging members to vote Yes;
  • talk to non-members and get them to join UNISON - it's a chance to recruit and to make us strongerhand out our leaflets to get the conversation started;
  • get everyone to wear a Vote Yes sticker on the day;
  • tell everyone to complete our online pay survey.

Complete our online survey on this page

Strike Action 10th July

Dear Members,

As you are probably aware The results of the pay ballot have now been confirmed. Strike action will take place on Thursday 10th July. The ballot closed yesterday. This was discussed in depth at last weeks conferences and it has been agreed that members will be consulted at every stage of this strike action. This means that no back door deals will be done without contacting all our members first.

I know the last pensions strike caused our members a lot of upset due to the fact that we went on strike for a better pension and then a deal was agreed without member consultation. Measures have now been put in to place to ensure this does not happen again.

As your Branch Secretery, I would ask that all our members support this strike and will take this opportunity to get involved with our Branch and support. our picket lines. We also have the support of Unite members and GMB members. If you can offer any help to our Branch be it standing on the picket lines for an hour or so I would really appreciate any support you can offer. We have leaflets to distribute, placards to build and various picket lines to cover.

If you are able to offer us any assistance at all then please can you contact me directly.

Please remember this strike is to provide our members with better pay and a better future as we have not had a decent pay rise for several years now. I understand that some views will be that they can not afford to strike, my response to this is "no one can afford to strike, but if we do not make a stand with the government cuts, then nothing will improve."

Please stand side by side with me and our Branch Officers on the picket lines and show your support.

We can make a difference!!!!

Kind Regards

Mrs Lisa-Marie Derbyshire
Unison Branch Secretary
North East Derbyshire Branch
Unison Office
Council House

Unison Videos

Feeling the pressure?

Heather Wakefield

unitelogoUNITE Industrial Action Ballot

The UNITE Local government strike ballot will begin on 11 June. 90% of members responding to a pay consultation rejected the employers 1% pay offer. The ballot closes on 30 June. More information here:

Unite is urging all their members to vote YES to show the employer that they are serious about taking strike action to fight for a better pay rise. The ballot closes on 30 June.

Unite is campaigning for fair pay and a decent living wage for all local government workers.

A Living Wage: share your story

  • Your pay is frozen while prices are going up all the time, meaning a real-terms pay cut
  • You have less money to spend and may be struggling to make ends meet
  • Your public services are being closed or cut, it's not as easy to use them, waiting times increase and the quality of the service falls
  • Your local library may be under threat and cuts mean there may be fewer police officers andPCSOs on your streets
  • Your local shops and businesses are feeling the pinch and may close which has a huge knock-on effect for local communities

Have you got a story to share about how this issue affects you, or about how you, your branch or your region have dealt with it? Or successful action you've taken?

Then let Unison know: use the form here to submit your own story.

Please include your name and branch or region, as well as the issue your story deals with.



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