What is your health, your safety, your community, your family’s care and education worth to you?

The government says a pat on the back. And a real terms pay cut. Ministers have been very willing to hand out pats on the back for our brilliant public service workers when there’s a crisis. But these warm words are never followed by actions to ensure public service workers can make ends meet. Austerity has come first.

Public service pay has gone up by just 4.4% since 2010 while the cost of living has risen by 22%. That simply isn’t fair.

The situation has reached breaking point with increasing numbers of public service workers leaving their vital jobs to earn more money so they can provide for their families. What do you think? Are they worth more than a pat on the back?

We’re betting you agree that all public service workers deserve a pay rise now. It’s good for our public services, our communities and your family too.


Please support them and send the government a message - sign the parliamentary petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200032

Find out more at unison.org.uk/payupnow


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