Public service workers have dominated the headlines all week. The need to raise your pay has been at the top of the news agenda and support for your pay rise is coming from across the political divide. We have well and truly won the argument.
The government has had to make some concessions. But they’ve still done nothing for UNISON’s 1.3 million members. Why are they still dragging their feet?
You’ve suffered pay losses thanks to decisions taken by politicians for almost a decade. Enough is enough, the time for political manoeuvres is over.
That’s why we’re asking you to sign our parliamentary petition calling on the government to scrap the cap for all public service workers and give you all the real pay rises you deserve. We won’t rest until you get the pay you deserve, but UNISON is strongest when we speak with one voice.
The government has stuck with the pay cap for far too long, and it's now dragging it's feet on delivering real pay rises for all UNISON members. But if just one in 10 UNISON members sign this petition, we can get MPs to debate real pay rises for public service workers, on our terms, in Parliament. 
Dave Prentis
UNISON general secretary

Local government pay

In local government, we are campaigning for a 5% pay increase, and at least the real living wage for every single worker. Everyone in schools and councils urgently needs a pay rise that helps keep up with cost of living rises over the next year and starts to make up for the 22% real terms pay cut local government workers have suffered since 2010.
We can’t miss this opportunity: they won’t pay up if we don’t all speak up. Email your councillors today and ask them to raise the issue of NJC pay at every opportunity.

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