Fair pay now for council and school workers

Council and school workers and the Fair Pay now logo

People like you who work in our schools and councils provide the vital local services that hold our communities together. But you haven’t had a proper pay rise for years.

Instead, while your pay has been frozen or capped and your conditions slashed, prices are rising and you are falling further behind.

That’s no way to treat people who work hard to ensure that everyone in our society is looked after, educated and safe. It’s time the government really started to value the work you do and pay you fairly.

That’s why UNISON has submitted a pay claim to the Local Government Association (LGA) for a 5% pay increase on all NJC pay points and the scrapping of NJC pay points SCP 6-9 so that nobody falls below the real Living Wage of £8.45 an hour (£9.75 in London).

And we want Fair Pay Now!

Everyone in schools and councils urgently needs a pay rise that helps you keep up with cost of living rises over the next year and starts to make up for the pay you have lost in real terms since 2010.

The government is now under real pressure to scrap the 1% pay cap on public sector wages and UNISON will continue to push hard to get the funding councils and schools need to give you a fair pay deal.

We can’t miss this opportunity: they won’t pay up if we don’t all speak up. Email your councillors today and ask them to raise the issue of NJC pay at every opportunity.

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